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At ChookHQ, we're not your average design studio. Think of us as your design wingman, we'll charm your customers with clever design... crafting strategic, thoughtful, and downright creative solutions for brands of all shapes and sizes. 

Whether you're hatching a new campaign, sprucing up your website, or giving your logo a long-overdue makeover, we listen intently to get the brief spot on first time.


Our superpower? Agility! We seamlessly transform your vision from a scribble on a napkin to a fullblown masterpiece across all platforms, from the trusty old billboard to the latest digital trends. We pride ourselves on being a full-service studio, keeping the process smooth and stress-free – because let's face it, running a business is hard enough without chicken-scratch instructions!

Visual Storytelling

Art Direction: Orchestrating the visual language of your brand, ensuring consistency and impact across all channels.

Photography & Video: Capturing engaging visuals that tell your brand story and resonate with your audience.

Graphic Design: Creating impactful and engaging visuals for all your marketing needs, from print materials to digital experiences.

Brand Identity & Messaging

Brand Strategy: Working alongside you to develop a strategic roadmap that positions your brand for success and fosters meaningful customer connections.

Copywriting: Crafting compelling messages that resonate with your target audience and achieve your marketing goals.

Branding (full refresh/rebrand): Breathing new life into your brand with a comprehensive refresh or complete rebrand, establishing a powerful and distinctive identity.

Logo Design & Visual Identity: Designing a unique and memorable logo that serves as the cornerstone of your visual identity.

Brand Guidelines: Ensuring brand consistency across all touchpoints by creating comprehensive brand guidelines that define your visual language, voice, and messaging.

Digital Presence

Website Design & Build:
Creating user-friendly and visually stunning websites that showcase your brand and engage your audience.

Intranet Design:
Designing user-friendly internal websites for employee comms and


Social Strategy & Design:
Developing a comprehensive social media strategy and create compelling content to grow your online presence and foster meaningful connections with your audience.

Video Creative (Digital):
Producing engaging video content specifically tailored for digital 
platforms, capturing attention and driving results.

Digital Advertising & Marketing:
Leveraging the power of online channels to reach your target

audience with targeted advertising and effective marketing strategies.

WIX Partner: We are a dedicated WIX partner, specialising in building and managing high-performing websites on the WIX platform.

Printed Material

Posters, Brochures & Print ads:
Designing high-impact printed materials that grab attention and deliver your message effectively, reaching your target audience in a tangible way.

Annual Reports: 
Creating visually compelling materials for annual reports leaving a lasting impression on your stakeholders and attendees.

Billboards & OOH (Out-of-Home):
Crafting large-scale advertisements for maximum brand visibility and impact in the out-of-home environment.

Exhibitions, Events & Signage:
Developing clear and visually appealing event and exhibition material and signage that effectively communicates 
information and guides your audience.


Packaging Concepts & Mock-ups:
Generating initial ideas and visuals for your product packaging, ensuring it stands out on shelves and reflects your brand identity.

Label Design:
Designing eye-catching, informative product labels that capture customer attention and clearly communicate product information.

Boxes, Cartons & Bottles:
Designing stand-out, functional packaging solutions that protect your products and enhance the customer experience.

Marketing & Customer Experience

Marketing Campaigns:
Developing targeted and strategic marketing campaigns to achieve your specific business objectives, driving brand awareness and sales.

Customer Journey Mapping:
Mapping out your customer's experience with your brand, identifying opportunities to optimise each touchpoint for a seamless & engaging journey.

Advertising Campaigns:
Crafting targeted advertising campaigns across various channels to reach your ideal customers and drive results.

Point of Sale & Retail Design:
Designing engaging and functional materials for retail locations, 

maximising customer engagement and promoting sales.

Customer Experience (CX): 
Enhancing your customer experience by crafting impactful printed and digital materials that are informative, user-friendly, and brand-aligned.

Employee Engagement & Internal Brand & Comms:
Developing strategies to foster brand loyalty and a positive company culture through effective employee engagement and internal brand communication initiatives.


Business Strategy & Management:
Collaborating with your existing strategy team to ensure creative aligns with business goals.

Stakeholder Management:
We understand its importance and consider stakeholder needs within our creative solutions.


Keeping our clients and their customers at the heart of what we do.
Listening to our clients and getting the brief right first time.
Delivering on our commitments.​


Anneliese Hillier

Creative Director

I’ve worked in the design industry for over 20 years in New Zealand, Australia and the UK, and I love what I do.


My experience working as a creative on both the agency and client sides has given me a holistic view of the creative process and given me the ability to offer solutions that answer the brief, fit within budget and stick to deadlines.


Emily Wong

Graphic Designer

emma-pic v2.jpeg

Emma Moxon

Marketing Specialist



No relevant experience


Tessa Langley

Digital specialist and developer

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