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Remote Worker NZ

Brand Identity, Website, Marketing

We were asked to created a brand and website for Remote Worker NZ, a company providing great workspaces for home and 'out of office' spaces. We wanted to keep things simple and make it all about the product and services so we used a simple black and white colour palette with pops of yellow and created a suite of icons to use across the site.

LCC insta_remote worker1.jpg
LCC insta_remote worker3.jpg
LCC remote worker7.jpg
LCC insta_remote worker4.jpg
LCC insta_remote worker2.jpg
LCC insta_remote worker5.jpg
LCC remote worker9.jpg
LCC insta_remote worker6.jpg
LCC remote worker8.jpg

Little Chicken are quick and responsive. They did a job for us that I can say with certainty directly resulted in more sales and more profit.

Stuart Davenport, Powercore

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